Parents Auxiliary

Parents Auxiliary of the Boys & Girls Club of the Northern Neck

Welcome to the Parents’ Auxiliary

Who are the members of the Parents’ Auxiliary?

If you are a parent or guardian of a Boys & Girls member, you are automatically a member of the Boys & Girls Club’s Parents Auxiliary. There are no dues, membership cards, or secret handshakes required. We are your neighbors, your family, your friends.

What is the Auxiliary's Mission and Focus?
The mission of the Parents’ Auxiliary is to make the Boys & Girls Club an even better place for our kids by:
  • Promoting club spirit
  • Supporting member activities
  • Encouraging parent volunteerism
  • Raising funds for the benefit of the programs and the kids that need them
  • Providing a place for parents to hear about programs 
  • Learning about programs and sharing ideas for planning and supporting them
  • Talking with other parents, staff, volunteers and volunteer board members
  • Encouraging your child or children to enjoy the club and the opportunities to learn, grow and be successful
You are urged to learn more about the Club and the activities available to your child, and to help the staff and volunteers understand what goals you and your child may have. You are encouraged to give your time, creativity, energy, and enthusiasm as you join your child in family events or meet with your partners to plan fundraisers. By getting involved with the club, you can help make it an even better place to play, learn and grow.


What does the Parents’ Auxiliary (PA) do?

The PA holds informal, informative meetings most months during the school year and during the summer. These meetings are a great way to get the big picture of what’s going on at the Club. The agenda will usually include a brief update by staff and PA Committee and may include a speaker. Maybe that’s you. You will be notified of the agenda in advance. Questions, concerns and recommendations can be freely discussed. Refreshments are provided and you can bring some too if you’d like.

PA members may be involved in a variety of activities as they have available time. They may simply come to informational meetings that may include staff, volunteers or board representatives, and they may participate in club activities with the kids, take trips to local and out of town places, or come to parents’ nights and other family focused activities.

PA members may also be asked to plan for and support fundraising activities to help with the costs of trips, supplies or other program needs. 

During the year, there are two large fundraising events for the Club. These are the Steak and Burger Night and the Casino Night at the Rivah. Both are focused on raising the awareness in the community about the fun events and activities the kids participate in.

How to get involved?

Come to the monthly Parents’ Auxiliary meetings. Attire is strictly “come as you are.” The monthly meetings are truly one of the best and easiest ways to meet other parents and be in the know on up-to-the-minute news and programs!

Volunteer! The PA always, always, always needs fresh faces and enthusiasm to complement the faithful and fabulous parents who are already involved. If you see a program or activity that you’d like to help with (even just a little), call a member of the PA or just come to a meeting for information.  

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